Christian Counseling Service
1058 West Club Boulevard
Durham, North Carolina 27701


Christian Counseling Service is at Northgate Mall in Durham, North Carolina. The Mall is at the intersection of I-85 and Guess Road, on one end, or Gregson Street, at the other end. Exit turning south at Guess Road; the Mall is about four blocks south, on your left. You will see the Sears. Turn left into the parking lot, and drive past the front of the Sears toward the center of the mall.

You will see a large entrance next to the Ruby Tuesday Restaurant. To the left of the large entrance, but within the same door frame, is an entrance to the Northgate Business Center (it says so on the door). Enter there, go down the elevator, and look for Suite 624, just beyond the lobby. If my office door is closed, please do not knock and disturb our session inside; just wait in the lobby and I will come for you when I am ready for your appointment time.


If you are coming from Chapel Hill, you will find that 15-501 runs into I-85 just before the Hillandale Road exit. The next exit is Guess Road, and you will be making a right onto Guess Road.  Follow the above directions to reach the mall.


If you are coming from Raleigh, come west on I-70, and I-70 Bypass runs into/joins      I-85. When you have the choice of I-70 Business or I-70 Bypass, take the right side of the fork for Bypass. Go to the Guess Road exit, and turn left.  Follow the above directions to reach the mall.